Flexibility is a key requirement for your business phone system

In these uncertain and quick-changing times, it is important that your phone system can move with you wherever you and your staff need to be.

With everything happening with the COVID-19 pandemic, business decision makers are putting business continuity and flexibility in the forefront of their minds. If you had to work from home, are you confident that you can get to your files, core applications and emails? What about your phone system?

Many of our customers are now working from home or practicing social-distancing and the fact they are using our Cloud PBX service means that they can route calls to their smartphone app, to their home landline or even pickup the desk phone from work and plug it into their router at home and continue making and receiving calls just like they were in the office.

Simply diverting your office calls to a mobile is not ideal. You don’t get the call flow and call management features you are used to. Customers calling in will hear a busy tone if you are on a call, or worse – voicemail. On our Cloud PBX system this is not a problem because calls can be routed to another phone or to your smartphone app just like a regular extension in the office.

If you want this level of flexibility in your workplace, get in touch today as we are still operating as normal and migrating systems and setting up new hardware for customers. We can send out phone hardware to anywhere in the country, all setup and ready to plug in.

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How our Cloud PBX smartphone app can transform your school’s communication

One of the features that sets us apart is our awesome Cloud PBX smartphone app. The smartphone app is free to use and works on iPhone and Android to make and receive calls on your line or extension.

Using a school as a case study, traditionally schools would have a phone in each classroom or even maybe one phone between a couple of classrooms. Most staff apart from upper management or support staff may not have their own phone or extension, meaning that teacher’s cellphones become their main point of contact.

This is problematic for a few reasons. Number one, it costs quite a bit to dial cellphones. Secondly, staff needing to make outbound calls or get in contact with other staff will be using their own cellphone minutes which is difficult to track and reimburse, if this is even done at all.

Our solution is to give every staff member their own extension, which is connect to our free app on their smartphone. The app works from anywhere, whether they are at home or at school. This way, staff can be contacted at no charge by other staff easily, they are always locatable and staff can make calls to external numbers or to other staff without having to pay for it themselves.

Staff extensions can be setup departmentally also, so that if you are needing to budget out calling expenses per department this will make it a lot easier to manage.